Motorway Penalty

What are the main motorway penalties in the UK?

The experience of motorway driving can be a source of intimidation to a new driver. This is because it is no longer contained in the UK driving examinations. However, learning the skill of driving safely and properly on a motorway is an imperative aspect for any driver. As time progresses, it is possible that a driver may develop poor driving habits that could not only be a scare to life but may lead to very punitive fines. Motorway penalties-motor lawyer can be of great help for the offender.


Motorway penalties are fines imposed to a driver for failing to observe the laid driving rules. The punitive penalties could lead to a driver being banned for life. Majority of the motorway offences do not result from deliberate breach of the law, but they occur because of the common driving offences. The common motorway offences that can lead to punitive fines include; hogging, speeding, and tailgating.


Among the motorway offences, hogging in the middle lane is a major challenge for drivers, that often leads them to committing an offence. The extent of liability for motorway offences is transferred to the driver in form of fines, points deduction and a total ban from driving.


A motor lawyer is specialized in using law to reduce driving penalties for his client. As already mentioned, motorway offences are very punitive and may cause a driver to suffer grave consequences. As such, motorway penalties-motor lawyer should be hired where a driver is faced with offences that can lead to possible prosecution. Whereas observing driving rules is imperative in ensuring safety on the motorway, motorway penalties have dire consequences to livelihoods. For example, a driver with a prosecution offence of driving with a 12 points deduction may have a hard time in court.


Majority would be confident that they can argue their case and get out of trouble but the existence of a statutory presumption of a half-year ban is imminent unless a motorway lawyer can sufficiently cause exceptional hardships. The challenge is that a driver is not able to present hardship on their own. A motorway lawyer is required in such situation.


There are several driving offences that a motor lawyer may be required for, while for some driving offences that involve fines without a corresponding penalty do not require the services of an advocate. In such offences, it is a straight forward for a driver to simply pay the fine. Firstly, a motor lawyer can be helpful in an offence that is characterised by significant fines. Here, an advocacy lawyer will represent the client and ensure that they are given a fine that is reasonable. Without a lawyer, the fine may be huge for the driver.


His role is to ensure that the amount of fine is affordable. Secondly, a driver facing an endorsable motorway offence that is interlinked to penalty points requires the indulgence of a lawyer. Here, the role of the motorway lawyer will be to shield the client from point deductions and plead for payment of fine alone.


Driving offences carry a mandatory disqualification that an offender may not understand. A motorway penalties-motor lawyer will create hardships in this situation to ensure that the offender is not disqualified. Lastly, serious offences like hogging in the middle lane carry imprisonable offences. A motorway penalties-motor lawyer will be required to reduce the charges of such driving offence to the benefit of a client.