Fraudulent Insurance

Should fraudulent insurance claimants face stronger penalties?

While this is the case, you should know that, according to a recent publication by The Times, insurance fraudsters face no risk. This was written in regards to the report by the Personal Injuries Commission. The Head of the commission said fraudsters making exaggerated insurance claims face ‘virtually zero’ risk of being identified and prosecuted. So what is the date of those claimants who have been wrongly complaining about a solicitor?


Mr Justice Kearns, the former president of the High Court made comments too about fraudulent claimants. He said that some people felt that they could get a free run at the courts without facing repercussions. This coincided with the publication of the commission findings that revealed that in Irish courts, there were more awarding of compensation than in the UK courts.


More from the publication by The Time stated that personal injury compensation settlements for whiplash injuries we’re normally 44 times higher in England and Wales. A fraudulent claimant could get up to €100,000 which is the average soft tissue award on claims. In Ireland, the claims amounted to €19,862 while in the UK it was €3,798. This triggered calls for reforms in the personal injury claims since it demonstrated a threat to the businesses in Ireland. In the period where personal injury fraudulent claimants still exist, Mr Kearns recommended an urgent introduction of Judicial guidelines to bring consistency to court awards.


Fake insurance claims have been there. They usually involve a claimant who complains about a solicitor in order to get compensated and are known as Insurance Fraud. The intention of such a claimant is to obtain a fraudulent outcome from an insurance policy. As bad as it is, claimants have gotten away with it. It begs the question, should fraudulent insurance claimants face stronger penalties for complaining about a solicitor for no reason?


Maybe the acts of these fraudsters are what makes the insurance company challenge other legit claims. Ensure if you get legal advice prior to making an insurance claim. This will help to keep your position and entitlement protected as the insurance company challenges you for the claim you make.


Some of the fraudsters have gone to the extent of claiming more than they actually lost. Four claimants were sentenced to 6 months after making a fraudulent insurance claim back in July 2016. Considering how negatively this affects the insurance market as well as the claims solicitor firms, one may feel this is not a severe punishment. People should know that while insurance fraud has become acceptable, it is a crime under the Fraud Act. You could end up being barred from buying insurance as well as have a criminal record, even for wrongly complaining about a solicitor.