Luxembourg princess represents herself in high-profile divorce case

After a fairy tale romance which began in 2004 and was covered extensively in the media, Princess Tessy and Prince Louis of Luxembourg split in 2016. Prince Tessy, born Tessy Antony was an ordinary citizen from the small town of Niederkorn in Luxembourg, with no royal connection and was working in the army when she met and romanced the prince as a teenager. The Luxembourg royal family headed by the Grand Duke Henri is the one of the richest in Europe and Louis was the third son.


They had their first son, Gabriel, when both were of the age 19, and were unmarried, leading to a constitutional crisis in the country. The Prince gave up his succession rights to the royal throne of Luxembourg after the marriage in 2006 since his son was born out of wedlock. The couple had another son, Prince Noah, sometime later and the princess also had a miscarriage.


Though her estranged husband was represented by a legal team led by James Ewins, a senior barrister, the Luxembourg princess represents herself in high-profile divorce case heard in the high court in London, over the division of their assets. The princess claimed that the divorce was a very difficult time for her, like the loss of a child due to miscarriage. The princess did not specify the reason why she did not hire lawyers to represent her.


However, in the case she proved to be a very intelligent woman, fluent in English, French and German. The princess summarized her case for divorce in a speech in English which lasted nearly an hour, addressing Mr Justice McDonald. The trial for Family Division is a private hearing, and there are limits on what can be reported in the media. The trial will continue for several days. The justice said that Princess Tessy and Prince Louis, both aged 32 years, could be mentioned in the media, however personal and financial details could not be revealed.


The Justice is expected to make a decision on how the money and other assets will be split. The Princess who was earlier a soldier, is now living in London. The Justice was informed about the romance between the couple which started in 2004, marriage in 2006 and that they have two sons. After marriage the couple lived in London and the United States. After their marriage ended in summer 2016, a judge gave them a divorce decree in 2017.


Many people look for divorce solicitors, whether a divorce solicitor Lancashire or anywhere else across Europe, but having it take place on such a high-profile scale is difficult for anyone.Tessy may be able to keep the title of princess which she was given in the year 2009 despite her divorce, because the law which states that a spouse will lose their title if they divorce, was only introduced in 2012. There is also no clarity on terms of the 2009 decree naming Tessy as a princess, whether the title will be revoked due a divorce. The princess appeared in the London court, dressed like a civilian wearing a black jacket and grey trousers.